Here is a beautiful poem a client wrote:

Peaceful Journey

A woman stands on the banks of a river in the painting on the wall. She dreams
of crossing over to the other shore. I take off my clothes and lie down for my journey.
The scent of the oils takes me to gardens where roses and chamomile blossom
at dusk and iridescent music shimmers. Jessica is a healer, descended from women healers of old.
Her fingers speak
my body’s language. They say, “Here
I must prod and push, here soothe and calm. Here I add blue, here I add gold.” Her touch,
the colors, the scents, and the music are one and butterflies are everywhere.
When my body and soul are soothed, I am the woman and I am the river;
I have crossed over to the other shore And my journey is complete.


Kim B.

Alameda, CA

I adore her.  
She's very knowledgeable, as one would expect, but she's also quite intuitive.  
She's been able to read things about my body that my doctor has overlooked.  
Just as important to me personally, is that she's got a warm and generous spirit.  
You feel her warmth the minute you walk into her space.  
She's a special person and it comes across in her touch.  
She makes you feel special as well.  Every massage I've had from her has been wonderful.


Melissa M.

San Leandro, CA

Jessica's massage skills are truly exceptional.  
She combines many different types of massage, delivering a unique massage experience that includes hot stone, deep tissue, lymphatic and Swedish techniques.  
It's a great chill-out spa experience, an antidote to stress; she crafts her own massage oil blends using the highest quality essential oils, which helps so much with mental relaxation and calming down inflammation.
It's also an amazing place to go for more serious injuries.  
I had a frozen shoulder injury which was nearly disabling, and she was absolutely key in helping me recover, I couldn't have done it without her.  
She knows how to work deep, and to work through knots and adhesions while keeping the massage feeling comfortable.  
As a bonus, her office suite was just freshly remodeled with hardwood floors and fresh paint.  And she's sweet, warm and always smiling.  
You just couldn't be in better hands, literally!


A recommendation from a client:

Kristin R - Alameda

Jessica is the real thing. I knew this from my first session over a year and a half ago, and am reminded every time I see her. She is a true healer, has solid knowledge of the body, and is an expert in massage therapy as well as lymphatic drainage and Cranial Sacral (which is really hard to find) . She’s also a lovely person, so upbeat and authentic and giving, such a joy to be around. I regularly get 1.5 hour massages because I usually have a list of things that need attention, and it is worth every cent. She is very responsive to my specific needs and sensitivities, and whether I'm coming in with general muscle soreness, post-surgery recovery needs, or workout-related injuries, I always feel like a new person after her sessions - much less pain if not altogether eradicated, and so much lighter and freer and fluid and mobile! I highly recommend Jessica for anyone who wants to relax, heal from injury/surgery/trauma, needs detox support, or wants to understand how to prevent injuries from recurring. She is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom and exceptional skills and I feel so blessed to know her.

June 3, 2019